Sojourn: A Journey Through Time


You are a time traveler who was attempting to go home. However, the device that allowed you to target specific dates in time, the time sphere, has broken into four fragments and has spread itself across time and space. You have ended up at the right date, but the wrong year. You are in the Jurassic Era. Starting there you must use your limited resources and wits in an effort to make it home…

Hopefull in one piece.



Sojourn is a solo, solitary, 1 player game. It is just you against the game. It is a fast, fun, game where you must be strategic to get home safely.

1 Player

Ages 13 and Up

Game Time 10 to 20 minutes

25 Poker Sized Timestreamcards
41 Tarot Sized Destination Cards
7 Wooden Red Health Cubes
7 Wooden Blue Time Charge Cubes
4 Wooden Green Time Fragment Cubes
2 d10 Percentile Dice
2 Wooden Meeples
Box and Instructions