Short Order Hero


You are one of 2-5 short order cooks working in a greasy diner. The battle is on when the owner tells the crew that one of you will be promoted to head cook by the end of the night! Work your rump roast off to serve the best recipe you can. All the while still making time to sabotage your opponents and hurting their chances as well. Can you win, secure the job, and become the next Short Order Hero? With concept and illustration by former Disney and Warner Bros. artist, Greg Wray, players are sure to delight in the style and design put into this game.

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Short Order Hero is a devious, cut throat, challenge for friends wanting to flex their master culinary chops. The story behind the game is that you are one of five short order cooks working in a greasy diner. The owner of the diner tells the crew that at the end of the night he can can only keep one cook. You are working your rump roast off serving up the best you can, but your competition is doing their best to sabotage you. Can you win out and secure the job?

Find out if YOU can become the Short Order Hero!

2 to 5 Players

Ages 9 and Up

Game Time 20 to 30 minutes

231 Ingredients
22 Recipe Cards
1 Round Marker
1 Gameboard

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Weight 1.433 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 2.5 in


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