You are a Time Traveler and somewhere along your journey something has gone terribly wrong. You find yourself in the Jurassic Period without the Timesphere that allows you to control what time portals open. On your last jump the sphere broke apart into 4 fragments and scattered into unknown destinations throughout time.

Can you find the missing Timesphere fragments before you run out of resources and make it home, or will you be stuck in history... forever?



Sojourn is a solitaire game where the player is a time traveler who is lost in time, trying to get home by finding four pieces of his Timesphere.

M. Wayne Miller

The artist on this project is M. Wayne Miller. A well-known name in the field of horror illustration. Not to be limited, Wayne is equally adept with science fiction, fantasy, and young adult themes, welcoming the opportunities of each genre and, frequently, combining them all. Check out his full portfolio on his website.





A solo player game that is simple to learn but takes skill and luck to be successful.

  1. Find the 4 Timesphere fragments, scattered throughout history, plus one Temporal Charge cube or Paradox Timestream card which is needed to perform your last jump back home; to May 20, 2028.

  2. If the Traveler has 4 Timesphere fragments and has at least 1 Temporal Charge or a Paradox Timestream card, they may Travel home and WIN the game!

  3. In any order, at any time you like, you may do any of the following:
    • Play one or more Timestream Cards from your hand and resolve its effect.
    • Open a new destination in the timeline.
    • Travel to a destination.


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