Onami is a strategic card game rooted in Japanese culture. The story behind the game of Onami is mixed with myth and legend. Long ago when large forces met on the fields of battle the leaders would often settle the victory based on the outcome of a game similar to Onami, as to not waste countless lives needlessly. The pieces in the game represent many of the different aspects of Japanese culture such as Samurai and the Lotus.

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Onami is a abstract strategy area control game. Players get a hand of 5 at the start. The cards have four numbers on them (one on each side) that represent the power the card has in that direction. When a card is played, if it’s adjacent to other cards, the numbers are compared. If the number on the card just played is higher than the card adjacent, then the adjacent card is captured and the ownership token is flipped to the corresponding color. There’s also a “wave” mechanic, where you capture a number of cards in a row equal to the difference the two numbers (so a 3 vs a 1 would net you 2 captured cards, for example).

2 to 6 Players

Ages 8 and Up
(Great teaching aid for children learning subtraction)

Game Time 15 to 30 minutes

16 x 16 inch Game Board
22 Unique Game Cards (49 total)
25 Six Sided Player Markers
25 Two Sided Player Markers
1 Instruction Manual

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 8.07 × 8.07 × 3 in


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