Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game

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You cooperatively work with fellow players as Investigators to banish the Elder Gods and their minions by using Moxie (force of character, determination, or nerve) to reduce their health to zero. If you banish the Elder Gods before they reduces all of the Investigators health or sanity to zero you win the game.

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The Elder Gods greet and invite you to participate in trying to save your wretched existence. The stars are aligning soon and only those who have dared to piece together the clues from the mythos even know what’s coming. Do you and your fellow investigators have what it takes to save everything?

I think not…

There are two phases of the game, a planning and combat phase.
  1. In the planning phase, the Investigators activate cards in their hand, research new cards at the Miskatonic University and then ready themselves in final preparation.
  2. In the combat phase, the Elder God and his minions attack the Investigators’ health and sanity. Investigators may go crazy or die out right, however, they have a chance to fight back. The Investigators use Moxie to push back the waves of the occult and supernatural.
Building your personal library by researching in the Miskatonic University makes you stronger and is your only hope against the Elders. However, keep in mind, every bit of resource used to research is a bit not used against the Mythos. It is a balance you must solve to defeat the Elder Gods.


1 to 6 Players (play solo!)

Ages 14 and Up

Game Time 45 to 120 minutes

12 Elder Gods Cards
21 Investigator Cards
11 Unique Minions Cards (101 total)
43 Unique Mythos Cards (103 total)
69 Unique Library Cards (180 total)
60 Starter Cards
12 Card Dividers and 1 Card Tray
24 Health/Sanity Pointers
10 Combat Trackers
1 Instruction Journal
A total of 487 cards

Everything you need to play is included in the box.

What is a Deck Building Game?
Deck building games are card games with a core mechanic that involves acquiring cards and adding them to your deck (your stack of cards). When your deck runs out you shuffle together your discard pile and your newly acquired cards are now part of your deck. Everything you need to play the game is included in the box.

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2 reviews for Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game

  1. Melissa McAuliffe

    We are missing the 60 Starter Cards from our game. I have been relentlessly searching who to contact to see if we can get the Starter Cards. No luck. I really dont want to spend that kind of money again buying the game if there are other options to resolve this issue.

    • gamemaster

      Hi Melissa, so sorry for your issues. You can get in touch with our customer service at gamemaster@wyverngaming.com


  2. Kaleb

    Love the game, super fun, and very addictive. The play style is so fun and you can play with friends and really cooperate with each other and have a good time. If you card games and mythological creatures, this game is great. Very happy with it and I will be telling people about it, keep up the good work

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