The Investigators have stopped the Elder Gods from destroying existence.

Now they have returned stronger than ever with the precipice in Dunwich, You and your fellow Investigators must work together to stop the signs that have been foretold and to vanquish the horror in Dunwich.



You cooperatively work with fellow players (1-6 players) as Investigators to banish the Elder God and his minions by using Moxie (force of character, determination, or nerve) to reduce their health to zero. If you banish the Elder God before he reduces all of the Investigators health to zero you win the game.


Deck building games are card games with a core mechanic that involves acquiring cards and adding them to your deck (your stack of cards). When your deck runs out you shuffle together your discard pile and your newly acquired cards are now part of your deck. Everything you need to play the game is included in the box.

Stand-Alone Expansion

The Horror in Dunwich is a stand alone expansion to the original Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game. This means that this game can be played by itself or for greater chaos combined with the original game.




Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich is a stand-alone expansion to Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game. This means that it can be played on it's own or with the original game. However, The Horror in Dunwich brings some new mechanics to game. Here is a summary:

  1. There is a new Library card type. Permanent Equipment which once played allows the user to have the effect of the permanent equipment and it is not discarded at the end of the round.

  2. Another new library card type is the Allies, there are three allies in the game. They function similarly to Locations and stay in play. They act as a stand alone investigator added to the group that benefits the players.

  3. Mythos Locations is a new type of Location that works in the favor of the Elder Gods, Just like the Elder Gods every game you flip over a Mythos Location at the beginning of the game.

  4. PLUS... New Equipment, Spells, Actions, Locations, Elder Gods, and Mythoses...

Combine Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich with Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game to add to the choas. Can you keep your sanity?



There are two phases of the game, a planning and combat phase.

  1. In the planning phase, the Investigators activate cards in their hand, research new cards at the Miskatonic University and then ready themselves for final preparation.

  2. In the combat phase, the Elder God and his minions attack the Investigators' health and sanity. Investigators may go crazy or die out right, however, they have a chance to fight back. The Investigators use Moxie to push back the waves of the occult and supernatural.

Building your personal library by researching in the Miskatonic University makes you stronger and is your only hope against the Elders. Keep in mind, every bit of resource used to research is a bit not used to fight off the Mythos. It is a balance you must solve to defeat the Elder Gods.

Good luck...


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